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A bit like being on vacation...

Mr. Lodge ID 2108ML2
Location 81241 München
Living Area ca. 30 m²
Apartment 1 Rooms
A bit like being on vacation... ... is what you will feel in this lovely apartment. It is located on the 2nd floor, easily accessible by elevator,…

Ludwigsvorstadt: Exclusive apartment in historic building

Mr. Lodge ID 2108ML5
Location 80336 München
Living Area ca. 35 m²
Apartment 1 Rooms
Apartment in historical surroundings This really nice apartment is located on the 2nd floor, easily accessible by elevator, in a period building…

Harlaching: Near Isar river - Charming 3-room apartment, 2 balconies

Mr. Lodge ID 2108ML3
Location 81545 München
Living Area ca. 78 m²
Apartment 3 Rooms
The furnished 3-room apartment with approx. 78 m² living space is located in the "Belle Etage", the 2nd floor of a well-kept, small residential…

Obersendling: A treasure with an ideal layout

Mr. Lodge ID 2107ML2
Location 81379 München
Living Area ca. 52 m²
Apartment 2 Rooms
Anything you want This high-quality 2-room apartment is located on the 2nd floor of a multi-family house built in 2005. The apartment is easily…

Maxvorstadt: Sophisticated furnished apartment in prime location

Mr. Lodge ID 2106ML3
Location 80799 München
Living Area ca. 28 m²
Apartment 1 Rooms
This attractive apartment is located in the "Belle Etage" on the 2nd floor of a very well-maintained and centrally located apartment building with…

Gmund/Dürnbach -Tegernsee: Listed farmhouse "Hairerhof”

Mr. Lodge ID 2107ML1
Location 83703 Gmund/Dürnbach
Living Area ca. 330 m²
Apartments 11 Rooms
Living Habitat at Lake Tegernsee The single ridge farm "Hairerhof" was built in 1788 with flat gable roof construction, block construction upper…

Sendling: Spacious 2-room apartment near Theresienwiese

Mr. Lodge ID 2106ML2
Location 81373 München
Living Area ca. 61 m²
Apartment 2 Rooms
This well cut 2-bedroom apartment is located on the 1st floor of a well maintained apartment building, built in 1982. The ideal floor plan offers…

Lerchenau: Family-friendly 3.5-room apartment with garden

Mr. Lodge ID 2105ML10
Location 80935 München
Living Area ca. 90 m²
Apartment 3 Rooms
The 3.5-room apartment for sale was built in 1991 and is located in a very well-kept residential complex, which is situated in a traffic reduced play…

Schwabing: For sun worshippers - apartment with roof terrace

Mr. Lodge ID 2106ML1
Location 80796 München
Living Area ca. 32 m²
Apartment 1 Rooms
Exposed location with south-facing terrace This sun-flooded, 4th floor roof terrace apartment is located in a multi-family house built in 1967 in…

Schwabing: 1-room apartment on leasehold

Mr. Lodge ID 2108ML8
Location 80805 München
Living Area ca. 39 m²
Apartment 1 Rooms
For sale is a bright and fully furnished apartment on the 3rd floor in the popular district of Munich-Schwabing. It has a sufficiently large combined…
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