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Waldperlach - © Mr. Lodge GmbH
Waldperlach - © Mr. Lodge GmbH

Furnished Apartments in Munich-Waldperlach


The suburban garden town of Waldperlach has grown with history. People first settled in the area surrounding the "Wald-/Leiberheim" of the members of the first infantry regiment in 1911. In the 1950s, a complex of mainly detached houses was developed. Today, Waldperlach is characterized by well-maintained detached and semidetached houses, as well as smaller housing complexes and green areas. Waldheimplatz marks the center of the quarter. The romantic location of the quarter is also reflected in the street names in Waldperlach: A majority of the streets is named after well-known fairytale characters or authors. In addition to the picturesque setting, locals can also enjoy a plethora of recreational areas and leisure time facilities, such as Truderinger Wald, Perlach-Park, Ostpark with its ice skating rink, and the Michaelibad. Due to the village-like structures, you can also find bustling club activities and a lively pub culture in this area. The suburban train line S7 at the stations Perlach Süd and Neubiberg allows you to reach the city center and the outskirts within a few minutes.

  • 駐車場

    Easy to find

  • ショッピング

    Shops for convenience goods

  • 飲食店

    Only few restaurants

  • カルチャー / レジャー

    Lots of green areas